Facebook Flea- The New Online Flea Trend

Facebook Flea- The New Online Flea Trend

What a fantastic day it was last Sunday in the Flea market! Great weather, fabulous vendors and fabulous finds, the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday. But sadly, it is over now. Flea Markets are not only about shopping, it’s also about the associated baggage of fun that comes along with it.

Would it not have been incredible if we could browse through all those amazing stuff everyday? *Sigh*

shocked-girlLuckily, Internet is there to save us all and enabled us to have our very own online marketplace designed to be as easy as possible to sell your stuff online, and buy other people’s. The feel of bargaining with a vendor and quoting your price is something that you won’t get in most of the shopping websites. That’s where Facebook groups come in- now enabled with features of buying and selling, it’s the exact feel of haggling with a shop vendor. A number of Buy n Sell Facebook groups runs for several cities in India where you can list your item or buy one.

While you have to carry cash in a flea market, in Facebook fleas there is no hassle of carrying cash. As I told you, it’s the exact feel of talking to a seller in a flea market.

Simple steps:

-> Browse through the listed items
-> Liked something, ping ‘Interested’ to the vendor
-> Want something, post a query.
-> Chat, negotiate, quote
-> Buy at your convenience

And moreover it’s accessible anytime anywhere, even then, when you are taking a dump!
You discover everything under the same cover no matter how varied your requirements tend to be and it saves your time as well. They say, ‘better late than never’.  All these made me take a resolution of shopping from online flea market only. I’ve currently decided that whenever I’ll shop, I’ll shop from online flea only. Even essential everyday commodities are available at attractively good deals.

Want to enjoy the exact same advantage? Why don’t you wish to shop from the Buy n Sell Facebook communities as well?
Who knows you might prove to be actually luckier than me and land up with greater deals than mine!

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“Go Gaga” shopping tips for a Flea Market

“Go Gaga” shopping tips for a Flea Market



A flea market is a treasure hunt; going through all the stalls to find the best stuff and best deals for ourselves. Well, if it is also a Declutter Sale where you can also browse for second hand treasure, then it is an icing on the cake. So, here are some tips to score those killer stuff for yourself when you are shop-hopping in a flea:

Be an early bird


It might sound boring but, remember, if you want to get the best deals it’s better to be early than being late. The best things will go first and obviously all the amazing incredible pieces will be eaten up by all the early birds. You can go later if you want, only if you can be content with the good stuff rather than the best.

Keep an open mind and be optimistic


If you go to a flea market with a pre-defined view of what you are looking for, chances are you will blindly keep searching for it in the stalls while missing out on other great opportunities. Its good to keep a checklist of what you want but my advice is, use a bit of your imagination and picture how an item would look on you or in your home even though that was not what you came looking for.

Bring along cash

giphy (1)

Most of the shops take cash only and do not accept cards. Some might accept cheques but why take the risk!  On a safer side, it’s better to stuff your pocket with cash when going on a flea market shopping spree.

Possess something pre-loved


A lot of people in a flea might be selling things from their own personal collection. Chat with them and get an idea of how to mix and match it with your own collection. A thrift store shopping session is always a fun score.

Stroll through the stalls


Stroll, browse and discover! Sometimes, the best stuff are hiding and you notice awesome things unknowingly. That is why it is always wise to stroll at least twice a flea market venue. It will surprise you, trust me!

Follow the “Now or Never” Rule


Follow your heart in this case and if you are already smitten by something, do not think twice and go for it now! Quick shoppers won’t wait for you to pick it up. Its simple, you like it then you hold it in your hands because this is the only way you can prevent others from taking it away from you.

Happy FLEAting !


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