This OLX scam is the most hilarious one ever

This OLX scam is the most hilarious one ever

We recently read a post on Facebook by a person on how he got cheated and it was so hilarious that we had to share.

After spending so much time on posting photos of his iphone on OLX and chatting with buyers to make a deal, this person decided to meet his buyer at a busy street in Kolkata. Probably, having selling and buying stuff on OLX for the past 2 years, with all the trust, he left his brain to party at home.

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Yes. This proves he did.

Even after being asked by the buyer to move a bit far and make a call to check the network connectivity, he didn’t realise that the buyer was planning to run off with the phone. (Oh man! Checking network connectivity is important, I know, but how many times 6 ?).



And did I tell you? The buyer had recently met with an bike accident and was unable to walk and.. he was wearing a hoodie. Suspicious already ? But c’mon our friend has come empty headed to the plot so he cannot make out anything.


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Still, the buyer took so much effort. He made our friend wait saying that his brother had to come. And then he said he wanted to pee and tried to move to a secluded place along with the iphone. But. Nothing worked (Thank god, our friend was cautious about peeing at least).


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Then the buyer started of with this connectivity checking again(7..8..9..) and ran off with the mobile the 9th time (yeah, 9th time. Looks like a fetch game with a puppy right?). Our friend did burst out his lungs trying to catch the buyer (okay! not buyer anymore) but went in vain.  


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Can there really be someone who is less careful?

Here is the Facebook post behind this article.

OLX user story

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