“Clutter to declutter” tips for this festive April

“Clutter to declutter” tips for this festive April

April is the time of Baisakhi, Puthandu, Ugadi, Poila Boishakh when people buy new clothes and new things for their home. But, what about the old ones? Let’s take you through a quick guide of making space for new things in your home.

Spend some time and look at your room:


Festive season is the season of guests and obviously you don’t want your guests to take with them a cluttered disheveled look of your home. So, visualize how you want your room to look like and figure out what unnecessary pieces of things are lying there in your room unused and untouched, which doesn’t have to present in your room and making your room look cluttered. Make a plan to get rid of those.

Arrange your Wardrobe:


As you open the wardrobe to take out your clothes, halt and spend a few minutes going through the stuffs that you are not using anymore. If they’re seasonal clothes, keep them aside in one shelf and get rid of the rest. Of course, you need space to keep your new clothes.

Declutter one item a day:

You don’t need to do everything at once after all Rome wasn’t built in a day. Start with one item a day. Organise it regularly and follow this new, efficient way of keeping a check on incoming and outgoing stuffs. And by the next occasion, you will have less work to do.

Take up a task and complete it:


After sorting out things, for example: recycle, resell, donation, give it to a friend etc, don’t keep the boxes piled up in one corner of your house for the next day.  It’s a now or never concept. Do it asap on that day and finish the task.

Sell useful things for others:


New Year is a time to clear the old ones and unused ones and fill them with the new ones. But, at the same time some stuff can prove useful for others though you don’t need it. Sell them now!

Phew! Take a look around you now. It’s perfect for this festivity of April, isn’t it!



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Decluttering Hacks You Will Love

Decluttering Hacks You Will Love


Decluttering our home is something we keep postponing weekends after weekends. Though we all know that an uncluttered home is a heaven to be in, little do we take efforts in decluttering our home. So here are a few hacks to declutter your home without much of effort.

Try your bedroom closet first

Wondering where to start? Try your bedroom closet first – You might find up stuff from your ex, begin there. Get rid of clothes that are outdated and poor-fitting. Having a closet with only the clothes that you love to wear will give you a fresh start for the day as you will spend very less time to decide on what to wear for the day.

In decluttering your closet, you will see immediate results which will build momentum to declutter the rest of your home.

The wardrobe hack !

resell clothes

Turn all the hangers backward in your closet. Once you wear a dress, the next time you put it back in the closet, put it with the hanger facing forward. After a predetermined amount of time, say 6 months or an year, get rid of the clothes on the backward-facing hangers since you haven’t worn them for a while. Do this judiciously when it comes to people you are dating.

Create a ‘Maybe Box’

Many a times we find ourselves being doubtful of getting rid of something. Though we hadn’t used it for a long time 😉 we might have a feeling that we will need it in near future 😉 😉 In this case, a maybe box will help 😉 😉 😉 Create a maybe box with stuff you are doubtful of disposing and keep it hidden somewhere. After six months, take out the box and see if it had anything you really needed. Most probably, you will dump the whole box.

The above paragraph has nothing to do with probable girlfriends or probable boyfriends. We seriously mean that. Pinky Promise.

Get your family involved

Decluttering together as a family becomes fun especially when you have your young kids helping you. Kids can help you put shoes away, match shoes and pick up toys. Decide on specific places for certain items and make sure that everyone in the family understands it.

Pull your husband/boyfriend out of the toilet, no matter what a bad stomach he has. Men usually hide themselves when it come to decluttering.

The 80/20 rule for toys

sell used toys

80% of the time kids play with only 20% of the toys they have, this is especially true for grown up men and women as well. Find out the toys they don’t play with and get rid of them. Getting rid of these toys will help reduce a lot of chaos.

Bought 1? Dump 2

One way to gradually declutter is to get rid of more than one item every time you purchase something. This works great to declutter kid’s items they have outgrown, much like you outgrow your ex-es. Whenever you buy a new dress for them give away the dresses they have outgrown. When you get rid of 2 items per every item purchased, you will gradually declutter your home and the process doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Incentivise the process !

Make money by selling stuff that are good in shape. When you know you can make money by selling something you will not delay the process. You can try Koove for this, an app that facilitates the buying and selling of used goods though the Facebook communities. Post the pictures of the stuff you want to sell, chat with buyer and sell it at the best deal. This way you will be encouraged to declutter regularly like your current boyfriend may be.

Learn to love the uncluttered look

declutter sale

Decluttering is an ongoing process. It takes a lot of time and effort, but it feels great to have a less-cluttered home. Once you start loving the decluttered look, you will do this decluttering process without even thinking much about it – which is a life saving skill in your love life too. And, your house and heart will stay decluttered forever !

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This OLX scam is the most hilarious one ever

This OLX scam is the most hilarious one ever

We recently read a post on Facebook by a person on how he got cheated and it was so hilarious that we had to share.

After spending so much time on posting photos of his iphone on OLX and chatting with buyers to make a deal, this person decided to meet his buyer at a busy street in Kolkata. Probably, having selling and buying stuff on OLX for the past 2 years, with all the trust, he left his brain to party at home.

Koove Buy used goods

Yes. This proves he did.

Even after being asked by the buyer to move a bit far and make a call to check the network connectivity, he didn’t realise that the buyer was planning to run off with the phone. (Oh man! Checking network connectivity is important, I know, but how many times 6 ?).



And did I tell you? The buyer had recently met with an bike accident and was unable to walk and.. he was wearing a hoodie. Suspicious already ? But c’mon our friend has come empty headed to the plot so he cannot make out anything.


buy sell used goods

Still, the buyer took so much effort. He made our friend wait saying that his brother had to come. And then he said he wanted to pee and tried to move to a secluded place along with the iphone. But. Nothing worked (Thank god, our friend was cautious about peeing at least).


Sell used goods

Then the buyer started of with this connectivity checking again(7..8..9..) and ran off with the mobile the 9th time (yeah, 9th time. Looks like a fetch game with a puppy right?). Our friend did burst out his lungs trying to catch the buyer (okay! not buyer anymore) but went in vain.  


Koove Blog

Can there really be someone who is less careful?

Here is the Facebook post behind this article.

OLX user story

P.S.: At Koove, we are building a Trusted, Social and Fun platform to buy and sell Used Goods. A place to avoid these sort of funny incidents. We are available on Android Play Store.

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